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Black Box

Real-time information on your smart Phone!

Track your animals in real time!


Black Box

Black Box

Never has it been so easy to monitor the location of your livestock on your farm using the
Black Box.

Every animal movement in the palm of your hand.


GPS, Sim Card and ....

With its rechargeable lithium battery it will keep a watchful eye over your animals in remote areas without the need to man handle them or if you should need a detailed report of their movement over a certain period it is only a finger tap away.

Black Box Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing

While the device in sleep mode it will wake up and report any irregularity via your smartphone. If the animal should move outside the geo-fencing of your farm you can track their movement with pinpoint GPS accuracy and even share the location on your chat with all parties concerned.

Contact us for more information or any queries you might have about the Black Box.

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